Solutions Development (SD)

Solutions Development (SD)

AHLBS is positioned to offer a range of solutions to help organizations meet their business requirements. The combination of software and industry experience, process and technology expertise as well as R&D knowledge helps reduce implementation time and risk for our customers. Our approach of critically analyzing the business, developing and offering technologically advanced, re-engineered business systems solutions  will  enable our customers to enhance their operational efficiencies, as we are focused in introducing unique solutions  through continuous research into industry trends and developments.  The Team consciously keeps track of new developments in the IT industry to offer its customers the most efficient products and services.


  • Dissemination of tacit knowledge to improve efficiencies
  • Helps make manual reporting redundant 
  • Enhance operational efficiencies 
  • On time  delivery of projects

Resource Profile

The Software Development Team at AHLBS specializes in Mobile Software Applications Development but has the ability to develop any solution customized to suit your requirement. All development personnel within the Software Development Team are graduates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in their respective fields and are highly proficient in multi-platform software development skills. Every team member is highly passionate in building effective software products and their greatest pride is seeing your software product delivering exceptional results.

  • Dynamic professionals with many years of experience in R&D
  • Specialists in different programming languages
  • With the backing of many completed solutions the delivery of Innovation to take the organization to the next level
  • Experience in working with multi-cultural/global communities

We at AHLBS understand that innovation and product development is one of the biggest challenges in running a successful company. New products are researched and introduced to make company operations easier. We help our customers to come out with innovative ideas while creating sustainable costs and capital efficiencies.

Invention is not always the key at AHLBS. Here at AHLBS we love to innovate products that are already in existence and customize them to suit your requirements for use in any specific industry or operation with great success.