Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure

From our state-of-the-art IT center located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the AHLBS Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Infrastructure vertical specializes in offering the latest in ICT infrastructure services and support together with the traditional; to our clients globally. We guarantee greater customer care by having on-location teams in Indonesia, India and Malaysia, to better serve your needs. We help organizations take firm control of their IT costs, enhance their corporate system security and improve their ability to support their business and operating strategy for the future. With our vast experience in having set-up end-to-end ICT services within the Group, AHLBS has both the infrastructure and the people to handle ICT service requirements of any customer from anywhere in the world. 


  • Connect more than 15,000 people across five geographical locations
  • Ensures effective ICT support services for customers
  • Helps customers optimize existing IT assets and increase ROI
  • State-of-the-art Technology 
  • ISO 27001 Security Certified 
  • Totally customized solutions 

Resource Profile

The ICT Team at AHLBS comprises multi-skilled certified professionals with expertise in a variety of technical and communication platforms including data center infrastructure implementation, monitoring and controlling. Team members count many years of hands-on experience across a wide range of operating platforms with the ability to provide first level application support. Their strong business acumen combined with many years of technical and domain knowledge of handling operations for multinational organizations makes AHLBS an ideal partner to manage your Data Centre Operations.

  • Experienced and highly trained industry professionals
  • Exposure to multiple state-of-the-art IT/ICT platforms and architecture
  • Ability to provide, maintain and update complex end-to-end solutions
  • Experience in providing ICT solutions in different environments
  • Experience in handling operations in diverse multi-cultural/global regions

AHLBS offers the following IT Infrastructure, Support and Maintenance services in a robust and highly secure ISO 27001 certified environment.

  • Connectivity and Networking (Distributed Enterprise, WAN Optimization, Business Continuity, Unified Communications, Server Consolidations etc.)
  • Performance monitoring to achieve agreed SLAs (Application, Network, Server, etc.)
  • Communication and collaboration through email (Lotus Notes), Video conferencing and VOIP communication
  • ICT solutions to optimize business processes (Enterprise Architecture, High Performance Computing, Green Business Technology etc.)

AHLBS is geared to utilize technologies such as cloud computing to bring our customers the advantages offered by this technology. Cloud Computing offers AHLBS customers’ distinct advantages such as minimal operational issues, business agility and effective use of resources.

Using Cloud computing allows our customers to consistently deliver the same service or a range of services many times yet consistently resulting in the same output. This will enable AHLBS customers to increase business continuity by reducing the time spent on operational issues.

Since all resources could be accessed as and when you need them, AHLBS cloud solutions will provide our customers a competitive edge as well as the ability to deliver results faster, at a significantly lower cost with better quality.

With the advent of the Cloud, new and innovative business models can be achieved with by utilizing the readily available cloud services enabling our customers to deliver new ideas instantly. This enables customers to explore new avenues of business and revenue.

Since operational issues are lesser in a Cloud environment, AHLBS will help our customer’s projects become more efficient while their employees are able to spend time on more productive activities.

Cloud computing solutions by AHLBS will enable our customer’s projects to shift from a capital expense model to an operational expense model. This is an extremely beneficial and meaningful model for short term projects or pilot projects where an upfront investment is not required.

AHLBS offers the following Data Centre Services to our Customers in a dynamic and highly secure ISO 27001 certified environment.

  • Data Centre Management (Planning and Implementation, Virtualization, etc.)
  • Storage (Storage Virtualization, High Performance Computing, etc.)
  • Handling of Disaster Recovery sites