Consultancy & Projects (CP)

Consultancy & Projects (CP)

AHLBS’s Consultancy and Projects services will assist our clients in identifying and delivering greater value to their customers with greater pace and strategic agility. We are in a position to offer our advice on MIS systems implementation, data warehousing facilities, process and systems re-engineering expertise and ERP systems implementations to cater to your distinctive business needs. Having undertaken many different projects in these areas, we at AHLBS have established a robust project governance framework supported by Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions to deliver best results to our clients. The Company’s expertise in handling these various projects has been derived in multiple industry segments in India and the Asia Pacific. 


  • Extensive knowledge gathered through implementation, upgrading, maintenance and monitoring of technology related assets and services
  • Up-to-date project management and monitoring systems
  • Customized business solution designs 
  • Implementation of ISO 27001 frameworks

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The Consultancy and Projects Team at AHLBS specializes in assisting clients in identifying and delivering greater value to their own customers. The team comprises a multidisciplinary group of top-notch professionals who are highly result-oriented and skilled in their respective areas. Each member of the team counts a minimum of 10 years industry experience with hands-on experience of implementing ERP’s and the world’s leading project management tools. Their background domain experience consists of Plantations, Banking, Insurance, ICT and Telco, and hard-core development locally as well as internationally.

  • A strong team of qualified project management personnel
  • Exposure to many different industries in the global environment 
  • Specialization in different business fields 
  • Exposure in working with multi-cultural/global communities
  • On time delivery
  • Complex problem solving