Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A)

Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A)

The Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) vertical at AHLBS is primarily focused on assisting clients in achieving a significant return on the investments made in their Business Intelligence systems.  We support our clients on functional and technical aspects of implementing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) by designing comprehensive and effective performance monitoring dashboards and analytics to enable prompt decision support. We provide intelligence tools and analytical systems for business planning, financial reporting,  Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), process automation and performance monitoring to help you plan your organization’s future strategy. Our competent BI&A  team has extensive experience in the industry and their specialization in enabling data-mining enables you to discover trends and indicators for making your organization thrive in a competitive environment.

  • Experience in the design and implementation of Data Warehousing Solutions 
  • Provides intelligence tools and analytical systems for business planning and financial reporting
  • Pre-built customized solutions to meet client specific requirements
  • Highly qualified team of dynamic and enthusiastic professionals
  • Designing effective and integrated performance review dashboards to enable timely decision support

Resource Profile

The Business Intelligence and Analytics Team at AHLBS is an energetic group of professionals accountable for defining, owning and managing the execution of the company’s Business Intelligence strategy and agenda. The team handles the communication and advocacy of business intelligence, development and implementation of the Business Intelligence strategies from start to finish. The team is made up of a cross section of finance, manufacturing and IT professionals whose  business acumen and multicultural exposure enables them to clearly understand the requirement and deliver according to client expectations.

  • Highly skilled finance professionals with 100% commitment to the job at hand 
  • Ability to undertake R&D to improve the MIS experience of our customers
  • Expertise in the latest analytics tools used in the industry
  • Experience handling multi-dimensional financial requirements in different countries
  • Ability to work with multi-cultural/global communities

The BI&A Team at AHLBS will help your organization to map out processes in relation to Management Information Systems (MIS), identify Key Result Areas (KRAs) and the development of measurements, use business intelligence tools such as Oracle to develop reports, dashboards and disseminate key MIS via ibots, and various other mobile applications as per your requirements.

In terms of Data Integration and Warehousing, the BI&A Team at AHLBS will assist you in the integration of organizational ERP systems to central warehousing modules in Oracle, develop a single source of truth for critical data generated in organizations, develop and maintain data warehouses to suit evolving business requirements and develop means of data security and access control.

The BI&A Team at AHLBS offers a range of support services in terms of Development Analytics. This includes the identification of data analytics requirements for decision making, use of Oracle Business Intelligence tools to meet such requirements via analytical reporting, what if analytics and other similar requirements.  The team is also ready to help evolve your organizational analytics in line with changes in business environment.