Our People

The dynamic and enthusiastic team of highly talented and skilled professionals at AHLBS ensures the Company’s continued success through the years. They are passionate and dedicated and take pride in consistently delivering to the best of their abilities. World class infrastructure combined with cutting edge technologies, the highly result-oriented work environment and open corporate culture have made AHLBS an ideal place to work in Sri Lanka.

AHLBS is an equal opportunity employer guided by the highest international standards in employment and human resource management. We focus solely on the skills, talents and the ability of our team members to deliver excellence and the principle of equal treatment is applied with regard to recruitment, employment and training activities. 

The AHLBS team of professionals thrives in our open corporate culture that empowers high performance and a positive work ethic. Each team member takes great pride in their work and is accountable for his or her performance which in turn is directly linked to their career advancement within the organization. We foster equality and mutual respect among our team members while encouraging open communication and novel ideas. The AHLBS work culture revolves around creating a harmonious balance between work, building strong interpersonal relationships and personal life. 

We endeavour to maintain a dynamic work environment where mutual respect is encouraged. Our multi-cultural work environment and diversity is actually considered as an added asset that helps us maintain a proper organizational balance. We strongly encourage a collaborative and innovative work culture where team members are provided with the opportunity to come out with innovative ideas to enhance the Company’s journey towards success.

As a responsible organization committed to the continuous growth and development of our team members, we at AHLBS conduct regular training programmes both in-house as well as externally. These training programmes have made a significant impact on our employees’ professional personal lives.

A significant portion of employee training at AHLBS is on the job and team members are exposed to real-life situations together with seasoned and highly experienced seniors who will share their years of knowledge and experience. This exposure is priceless and the business acumen, domain knowledge our employees gain through these hands-on sessions with seniors cannot be acquired at any external training programme.

The AHLBS Talent Development Programme ensures that our team members are constantly given the opportunity to develop their skills and inherent talents while our leadership development programme and succession planning process makes sure that top performing team members are given due recognition and additional training so that they build on their leadership abilities.