IT Governance


In today’s corporate world, strong corporate and IT governance is crucial to the long-term creation and sustenance of stakeholder value of any organization. AHLBS’s strong IT Governance plays a critical role in assuring confidentiality, integrity, connectivity and continuity of information management within the Group. The IT Governance unit at AHLBS overlooks several key areas that include IT Security, IT Project Management, IT Service and Performance Management, IT Strategy and Planning, Business Continuity and Risk Management. 

Main Focus areas under the AHLBS IT Governance Structure include strategy and planning which aligns the Roadmap of IT products and services to facilitate and meet its client needs. AHLBS Projects are monitored to ensure progress against plan, budget and business goals under IT Project Governance. The robust governance framework within the Company ensures that all projects are handled in an efficient manner while our dependable risk management framework guarantees that risks are limited. While sharing our expert knowledge to cater to the requirements of our customers, The Company also strictly adheres to the ISO 27001 standards internally.